Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Comparison and An Outfit

This morning, I realized I hadn't done an outfit post in awhile...probably because I think they are a good idea until I actually post them.  Anyway, I took the pics of the first outfit and then about died so I changed it up a bit.  I feel like I have gone from pretty chubby looking to six-month-pregnant looking in a matter of a few days.  And, to be honest, it isn't my favorite. 

In all reality, I know that growing is a good thing (a really good thing). I just don't always have the right mindset about it.  "I should eat less."  "I should exercise more."  Those two things I find myself saying or thinking all the time (the follow-through is what gets me).  I know you don't carry every baby the same, nor can you hope to carry one exactly like you did the first one.  Maybe I just need to get my abs back in shape before the next one comes along, ha!  

All that to say, here is where I was with Carter at almost 19 weeks...
 And with John Paul (I didin't take any pictures with Peter, poor kid)...
Today (with the outfit I quickly changed)...
tunic // Target
belt // Madewell super sale no longer online
jeans // DL Amanda Maternity Jean

but the bracelets were fun...
 And, what I finally wore.  I just hope people don't start with the "any day now" comments any time soon.  yet, I might not blame them :)

top // Michael Stars

Make it a great one!


  1. Just to throw a little love on the situation: I carried the boys way diff than I carried my girl. The boys were "all belly, cute bump!". Miss Ami was "I am a truck. The weight is coming off differently, too. It's definitely a head adjustment!! I love the outfit you landed on, and I def don't think you look ready to pop!! Totally adorable!

  2. I like both outfits. You are looking GREAT! I was definitely better at taking pictures with Carter. I really need to step it up for Sweet Colin!

  3. You look gorgeous. Seriously. And tiny. But I know what you mean about feeling off or just feeling fat. You don't though. I wish I carried like you!

    shoe source?

  4. I think you look beautiful! You look small and barely look pregnant, really. But you would look great even if you were a big pregnant mama :) I am almost 9 months postpartum and I wish I looked as lovely as you!

  5. Boy, if you think YOU look pregnant, go to Dwija's and see her pix. She's due about the same time as you and in comparison you don't even look plump, much less pregant. Everyone is SO different; the outward appearances are irrelevant - it's the basic health of mom and baby that matters.

  6. That tunics and leggings look so confy on you love the thin belt aroind it.