Thursday, August 15, 2013


I feel like I'm so quick to report when something is wrong...when a child is sick, a week is stressful or when we haven't had enough rain.  It's during those times I seek prayers and the help of others.  When life is going "as it should" I get a false sense of control, thinking I can handle things on my own...not so much in the sense that I don't need others but a feeling of not needing to bother others for help.

While a lot of this is only in my mind and a product of thinking too much, I often have a difficult time receiving help or allowing myself to need it.

All of that to say, today's post is in thanksgiving of the help we have received...from God.  While these pictures are a tiny bit misleading (the color of the green is a result of a filter and that pasture is full of weeds instead of grass), we have received moisture.  Thanks be to God!

The land is in need of rest, and we really do still need more rain to fully recover, but every tiny bit has counted, and I just wanted to say thanks.  Thanks for your prayers!

The clouds are again building.

We fed cornstalk hay this past spring, and we have tiny stalks of corn popping up everywhere.  They boys keep their eyes on it, hoping to pick an ear in a few weeks.

Thankful for what we've been given and praying for His constant blessings...


  1. Thank God for every drop! Great pictures, Britt!


  2. Every little raindrop is one to be thankful for most definitely. And I can totally relate to what you said about reaching out when things are going wrong but lacking the same degree of thankfulness when things are "right".


  3. Wow, I didn't realize this was your blog when I first opened it. Although I love the baby feet in your original banner, the new look is really nice. Also, thanks for the photos to show us all what we've been praying for!