Monday, August 26, 2013

Artists and Comedians...

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday.  We watched a movie - The Impossible - while it was an incredible story of courage, family, faith and a miracle, I don't know that I can recommend watching it.  Actually I can, with this warning: it is heart-wrenching and painful.  It is a true story, and that always makes it more difficult to watch.  Knowing that, try'll be so much more thankful for your blessings at the end of it, no doubt.

I pulled out the good 'ol Crayola Window Crayons and let the boys go to town on the front door.  

^^^pants never make it long around here.

In no time at all, it turned into a war-paint contest.

They were so proud of their artistry, and I was just happy no one ate the stuff.

Carter has enjoyed cracking me up latel,y too.  Here are a few of our exchanges:

Carter (with a walkie talkie in hand): Mom!  Mom!  Where's da fire?
Me: In the kitchen, hurry!
Carter (putting out the fire):  Where's dee other fire?
Me: In the playroom.
(this repeats)
Carter: Oh!  Where's the fire bell?  We must wing it!
Jeremy, wanting to join in, held up a little bell on our kitchen counter we use for a prayer at lunchtime: Here it is, Carter!
Carter (all imagination lost).  Noooo, Dad.  That's the Angelus bell.
Thanks for trying Dad.

Sitting down for some soup for dinner...
Carter: What else can I have?
Me:  Nothing.  Try the soup.
Carter:  Ohhhhhh.  What else can I have?
Me: Try it.  Look, Peter likes it.
Carter (so excited):  Look, Peter does like it.  Dat's so good, Peter!  Peter loves the soup.  Yay, Mom!
turning to me...Now, what else can I have?

Carter trying to break one of his drinking cups...
Jeremy (jokingly): Carter, I don't have any more money to buy more cups.  Please don't break it!
Carter:  Well, dadgum!  What are we going to do???

Jeremy and I having a conversation when Jeremy says "I think.."
Carter: Is all you think about is you???

Happy Monday :)


  1. "Well, dadgum. What are we going to do???" Hilarious. I love him!


  2. What an amazing mind that kid has!