Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Five Favorites

Linking up with Moxie Wife for Wednesday's

Five Favorites, hosted at MoxieWife.com

I spent some time with the magazines this weekend and found some fun things!  I don't have any of these items but they all look neat!

1.  Nail Polishes
While I rarely wear any polish, and when I do, it's typically neutral, I love the color of #1.  #2 and #3 are supposed to act like gels without the need for UV light - pretty neat, right?
2.  Road Tape
How neat would this be as a stocking stuffer for little boys?  Highways all around!

Civil Engineer Tape

3.  New Hunters
I know they aren't out yet, but aren't these Hunters (designed with Rag & Bone) beautiful?  To me, they scream Grace.

4.  Flower Shadow Play

I am a lover of make-up.  I end up getting in a routine and wearing the same thing, but I love looking at it in magazines.  How pretty is Drew's look (all of them, but particularly the top one)?  And, her make-up line isn't too pricey!

5.  Givenchy Gown
This image of Amanda Seyfried was in InStyle.  The snippet talked about how the designer is influenced by his Catholicism and his sisters in the way he perceives women.  Isn't this dress gorgeous, classy and modest! I love it (and her)!

There you have my magazine siting favorites for the week.  Make it a good one, and visit Hallie's page for more favorites!


  1. I'm a new follower thanks to Five Favorites...we share a love of Hunters and plum nail polish! Off to go explore more of your posts!

  2. I really, really, really want some Hunters, but here in the desert it doesn't seem like a practical use of the clothing budget....


  3. I have got to get my hands on some of that road tape! My girls love their little cars. Mostly they roll them fast, and then when they crash into a wall, they run to pick them up and give them kisses. ;)

    1. Isn't it the coolest?! I am anxious to get some, too!

  4. I am going to be doing a make-up link up once the weather turns a little cooler. You should totally join.