Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our Everyday: Volume 15...

It's a busy time of year on the ranch, but we've been having fun!  We finished branding all of the cattle and are just moving them around to different pastures now.  Summer projects are underway, and the fence work will soon commence, I'm sure!

Carter and Peter have been enjoying the summer days and have been keeping busy for sure.

Peter has enjoyed wearing my heels...

He's even good at balancing in them...

Take a look at those legs...

Carter has been helping me in the kitchen again!  This past week we made some chocolate chip cookies for a friend, tomato soup for a cancer patient, mac 'n cheese for a funeral meal and tortillas for PaPa.  He has been one busy little chef.

He liked to make them bite-sized!

Then the inevitable happened.  They uprooted the mint for the eleventh(or so) time.  And, I decided that I didn't care anymore.  No mint this year.  In Carter's words, "Look Mom, I'm an excavator!"

Getting ready for someone's 3rd birthday and well-checks.  

Hope it's a great day for you!


  1. Cutest excavator I've ever seen. :)


  2. I don't like mint anyway. Looks more fun to excavate.

    Also, you are amazing. How you have time to do nice things to everyone, to always look adorable, to write great blogs, to keep three boys and a husband clothed, fed and happy, AND still make cookies, soup, mac and cheese and tortillas for other people is beyond me. Saint. That's you.