Monday, June 3, 2013

QOTW: Cousin Edition

I am not making any of this stuff up.

We went to my grandmother's home for her two days of branding this past weekend, and all of the second-cousins (well, not all, but a lot!) got together.  

Gentry and Peter share one thing in common...a love for food.  While they didn't have too many quotes up their sleeves, they did enjoy Me-Me's cooking...

Then Peter had a second lunch and Carter was thankful for the help!

It was around this little table that the conversations were rolling:

Carter (3): guys been dittin' any wain???

Price (5):  Anybody have a girlfriend?  Huh?  Huh?  Because I do!  Abby Grace!
Chappel (6): A girl was following me around school at recess.  Thank goodness she moved!
Rett (5):  Girls??  EWWWW!

John Paul (and the rest of us) got to meet sweet Adair finally, and they cooed and cooed at each other.

Some other funny ones in the past week:

Me: Carter, let's go pick tomatoes.  They are red!
Carter:  Oh good!  Dose tomatoes were tired of being on dat vine.

Carter giving Peter a toy while Peter was whining for it:  Mommy, does dat help you?  
Me: Yes, it helps so much.  Thanks Carter!
Carter: It just makes me so happy to give Peter my toys!
(not 10 minutes later a frustrated Carter bonked Peter on the head with a toy rake).

I bought a sun hat for our beach trip.  It was on the dining room table.  The boys were both coloring at the table.  Carter looks at Peter:  So, who dot da gwamma hat?

PaPa had lunch with us one day this week when Elley was out of town...
Carter: Oh, PaPa, it makes me so happy when you come to see me!  I just love you.

Elley got a fever blister this week and Carter noticed it:
Carter: Elley!  What dat on yo face??
Elley: It is called a fever blister.
Carter: Did PaPa poke you with da fork lift?

Every morning when he wakes up: "Tan we doe fishiiiing?"

We were feeding cattle and Carter saw a maintainer.
Carter: Mom, what is dat?
Me: A road grater.
Carter: No, it's called a maintainer.  Tan you say MAIN-TAIN-ER???

Have a happy one!


  1. Oh my gosh, this kills me. KILLS me. I love the conversations around the table. The girlfriend one? Hilarious. Carter being all kind then smacking Peter with the rake? Also hilarious. Your kids are amazing!


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  3. Oh boy - now I'm going to be HOUNDING you with the question "Bin dittin' any wain?" These are the kinds of things that I wish I had been able to record when my boys were young. What a treasure for later!

    1. It is my way of scrapbooking because I am terrible at that ;) Haha, bring the question on. Hopefully I can answer "yes" soon!

  4. Love it! I need to write down my boy's antics each day. I told Jack to get dressed today and he ran upstairs and came down naked, with two different socks on each feet. He was like "here I am; all dressed up and no where to go."

    1. Ha!!! I would have loved to have been there to witness that. Boys always have something up their sleeves!

  5. Those conversations cracked me up! Too adorable!!! :)

    1. I'm so glad :) Kid quotes are just the best!

  6. Ohhhhhh how I love these posts. Thank you for putting a smile right on my face. :)