Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Mid-week Likes & Links

We made one of my mom's favorite desserts!

The boys (especially Carter) have really wanted to get good at using a yo-yo.  But, we haven't had much luck.  However, a friend just sent them these, and they are amazing!  They're much easier to use, and the boys love them!

We had a butterfly garden last year around this time, and I'm debating getting another or buying the ladybug land.  Anyone tried it?

A friend told me about these books, and they're awesome for the kids to learn about their letters, counting, matching, and more!

We got this tiny little pack and play for the office, and I love it!

I love a good crock pot meal, especially on Mondays.  I really want to try these!

What do I love most of all this week?  Rain!!!  It's been raining slowly for two days and has been the biggest blessing!

1 comment :

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