Friday, March 24, 2017

Sunday School

Right now, when our kiddos are still pretty young, we've decided it's just easier and better for us to do their Sunday school at home.  I found a series we're loving thus far called Faith and Life.

We do it on Sundays...ideally right after breakfast, but sometimes later, and it takes a little less than thirty minutes with the four older ones.

We've learned that God is love, Heaven is home, and He can do everything and is everywhere.

Every week there is a short lesson and activity.  In addition there are about three ideas to do throughout the week.  It's been perfect for us.

And, I've quickly learned that they are listening and absorbing even when it doesn't feel like it.

One Sunday they were cutting up as I was trying to teach, and I was trying so hard to keep my cool.  I asked each of them to tell me something they were thankful God made.  Carter quickly remarked, "Laughter!" to which the crowd went wild, and I had to chuckle, too.


The evening after we learned about God being everywhere, as we were eating our hamburgers, John Paul yelled, "OH NO!"  What, John Paul? "I just ate God!  You said He was everywhere."  Oh my, we're in for a ride.

Sometimes things do not go exactly as planned, but it is neat to see them learning so much about our faith and enjoying it, even when I get a bit ruler-like.  Ha!

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