Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mid-Week Likes & Links

I received a Bless Box for my birthday, and there were a ton of fun things in it!

My dentist gave me this toothbrush last week, and I love it!  It's so soft, it doesn't feel like it would ever work, but it works so well!

For all you Lego lovers, how cool is this tape?!

This read is beautiful, but grab a kleenex!

This one is too and so, so good for me.  I've gotten into a bad habit of yelling.

I just happened to have barley on hand, so I made this breakfast recently.  A-mazing!

I think these shoes are so sweet for the girls.

I think the boys would love these kits!

I really like this article about kids and teaching them about sexuality.

I just ordered these prayer cards.  I love her work!

Happy Wednesday!

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