Monday, March 27, 2017

The Beauty in the Everyday

I took these photos a month or so ago for a different project and forgot to ever post them here.  They tell the story of some of our chores.  So, the thought of doing chores seems so mundane to most, but I've since realized that what may seem ordinary for us is far less for others.  And, in realizing that, I've also realized how much I take for granted the beauty we're surrounded by...mainly in the form of animals and the simplicity of His creation.  So, here we are doing a bit of our daily grind...sometimes with and sometimes without the kids.  On this particular evening, they helped with it all.

John Paul got stuck in the fence.
 We fed the chickens.

On our way to feed the cows in the pasture...

Checking the windmill.

How cool is it that they turned to look at me at the same time?!

Finally, loading hay for the next day.

And, there you have it!  The evening's work.

We are in a place both literally and figuratively that is sometimes a bit crazy and even juxtaposed. We live in a place surrounded by no noise minus the distant hum of a train or the cows bellowing for their babies, yet there is almost never a moment of silence inside.  We don't have many distractions in the form of stores or restaurants or even activities, yet I constantly feel distracted from one daily task to the next.  I yearn for a home and life that is peaceful, a place where our children can feel safe, yet in these young years, it can often feel a bit chaotic.  

Even with the daily frustrations and the constantly wanting to be more, I wouldn't want to be any other place.  In living or in life.  I don't always give the best example of being joyful in the day-to-day.  I'm often a bit too wrapped around the axel to do so.  But, I was reminded this week that I'm exactly where I need to be...on a ranch, in a home with six little ones who need my attention almost every being a mom.  It won't be peaceful on the outside often.  But, in the inside, yes. Because of the choice to make it so.  

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