Monday, April 24, 2017

Adam & Eve : A Fisk Kid Claymation

Rather than do another fill-in-the-blank or coloring page for Sunday school, we tried something different.  The theme was Adam & Eve...and their fall.  So, we got out the clay and the kids ran with it.  Presenting the first Fisk claymation...

The beginning of the garden.
The sun, a red bear, a river and a duck come into play.
Then here comes a giraffe (which might look a tiny bit like a lizard).

"Oh no!  Yily (her doll, Lily) has the measles!" 

Back on task...the Devil enters the picture.
Then Eve tempts Adam.

It's God, the superhero!
Shamed. And, leaving the garden.
No re-entry.
Peeking in one last time.
The end.

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