Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Boys' Cabins

Sometimes I have to remind myself that the best lessons in life usually are not learned inside a classroom...or inside our house.  Because, I have the tendency to want to teach my kiddos things from books.  And, while reading is one of the most beautiful ways of teaching (I remember so much curling up with my mom to listen to her read me a story), sometimes these kiddos need to learn simply by doing - by being kids.

So, after making a thorough scan for snakes, off the boys went to build their homes.

After a few hours, I went to check it out.  First, I found their fireplace.

Then, I saw Peter chopping wood for his building material.

Next, I noticed Carer's doorway (use your imagination).

And, there was their ammo pile in the event that predators came.

I was told this was a booby trap.

Carter then showed me how his doorbell worked.  You shake the big limb, and the twig sitting on top falls to the ground, alerting him that he has company.

Gathering materials again.

Then, they showed me their naturally occurring weapons.  This was a spear.

This, a hammer.

After my tour, they were back to work for a few more hours.  

Along came their first visitor.

I hope he missed the booby trap.

May their imaginations always be this great!

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