Wednesday, February 17, 2016

V-Day 2016

I mentioned before that when we were little, my parents would send us on a little scavenger hunt for Valentine's Day with a box of chocolate at the end of the hunt.  It was always so much fun.  Even though the kids can't read, we thought we could help them out and relive that little memory, so the night before, we made a few easy clues...

And, we set out some valentines they had received in the mail.

When they woke up they were so, so excited that someone had sent them mail!

Jeremy had decided that since it was a special day, we should all eat cake for one complained!

Then, we began the hunt (but before we did, they insisted on singing Happy Valentine's Day to Jesus to the tune of Happy Birthday)...

They found a clue in the hamper...

Sophie was a little confused.
The next clue was in the microwave...

Then in the place we keep the Winter hats and gloves...(he missed it at first)

Finally, the treasure was in the oven (but they had a harder time figuring that one out).  Originally it was in the bath tub, but some unmentioned three-year-old woke up super early and seemed to need to take a peek at the bath toys...luckily all of the treats had wrappers he couldn't quite get the surprise had to find a new home for the hunt.

Sophie didn't let any time pass before she indulged in a bit of chocolate...
...then they painted for a bit.

It was such a fun with kids seems to be that way...especially on the holidays :)

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