Thursday, February 25, 2016

8/52: Their Features

There are so many things I love about my kids...their mannerisms, their hearts, the things they say, etc.  But this week I wanted to focus on a feature, so here they are...

Carter // 5 - He has these tiny little dimples right below his eyes when he smiles really big, and every part of his face just screams happiness.

Peter // 4 - He is the only one thus far who has gotten my dimples, and he just got one.  But, boy is it a good one!

John Paul // 3 - His freckles.  They've just started to show, and my grandma always calls them angel kisses.  When he gets excited or worked up, tiny little beads of sweat pop up on his freckle-covered nose.

Sophie // 1 - She is so expressive,  But, when she's really trying to get a point across, her lips look like this, and it's my very favorite.

Genevieve // 13 weeks - Speaking of lips, is there anything better than baby lips?!

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