Thursday, February 11, 2016

20 Items | 21 Days

So, I did it.  Finally.

I decided to try a capsule wardrobe.  I am just trying it, so this challenge seemed perfect.

I had to chose 20 items from my closet for 21 days.  This includes shoes but does not include accessories or work-out gear.

Plus, I feel like I must make a disclaimer.  My pre-pregnancy jeans aren't fitting quite like I'd like them to yet (read: they are barely buttoned), so I've included two Blanqi support tanks in my items that I didn't count.  Really, they are there to hold my maternity pants up, so I have to have them!  Plus, I did this in about an hour.  So, hopefully it is a success and I can maybe continue it!

Here is my break-down:

4 bottoms:
1.  Distressed skinny jeans.
2.  Black skinny jeans.
3.  Dark skinny jeans (similar)
4.  Black leggings.

5 Shoes:
1.  Gold heels (similar).
2.  Riding boots.
3.  Ankle boots (similar).
4.  Warm boots (similar).
5.  Sneakers

3 Dresses:
2.  Navy dress

2 Cardigans:
1.  Long gray cardigan (similar)
2.  Mid-length oatmeal cardigan (similar)

6 Tops:
2.  Gray high-low top (similar)
5.  Flannel tunic (similar)
Here's to wearing what you love, spending less time deciding and simplifying!  I'm hoping to take daily photos and do a wrap-up in the end.  Stay tuned!

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