Monday, February 8, 2016

The Feast of St. Dorothy and Genevieve's Baptism

Carter always knows I'm pregnant before I tell him.  In fact, he can usually call it in others before they even know.  If he says there's a baby in your tummy, maybe you should believe him.  As with Sophie, he new Genevieve was in my tummy way before most, and he knew she was a girl.  The entire time I was pregnant with her (with the exception of one day he wanted to call her Agnes), he wanted to name her Dorothy.  We didn't know anyone close to us named Dorothy.  He had not watched The Wizard of Oz.  He just wanted her to be Dorothy.

Fast forward.  When Jeremy and I decided on a godmother after Genevieve was born, we coordinated schedules with her and grandparents and set a date for the baptism: January 30th.  Then, a conflict with ranch work came up and we had to push the baptism back a week...February 6th.  I made sure it worked for everyone, and we settled on a new date.  There wasn't anything drawing us to January 30th, but I had gotten the date in mind and wanted to get this little one baptized.  When we moved it to February 6th, it turns out it was for the best.  As I was marking it on my calendar, I smiled as I saw whose feast day it was...Saint Dorothy.

Genevieve Mary Rose already has enough names, so we didn't add Dorothy, but something tells me she might just have a special devotion to this one, too!

This is how excited she was for the big day... 
...but she quickly came around.
Our baptisms are's just what works best for many reasons for our little family.  While we understand the enormity of the beautiful sacrament, intimacy in this setting is what we love, and so while her little ceremony is very private, we want to share her new birth with any and all!

Carter was so excited for her special moment...for her being cleansed and entering into the Church. At the Church he was stoic...paying attention to every detail.
Peter and John Paul were so excited, and they were beaming with pride (while my dad was praying for his little granddaughter).

Sophie was just happy to be there with Pops and Mimi!

We chose our dear friend Kimberly (who spent a summer babysitting the kids once a week) to be Genevieve's godmother.  She is as faithful as she is beautiful, and we admire her strength and courage so much.  There are so many incredible examples of faith in Genevieve's life, and I know her godmother will be a model of faith for her for years to come!  What a blessing she has been for all of us.

We have such a wonderful, loving priest, and he has always been so good to the children.  He loves them, and he wants them to love Jesus, so for Genevieve's baptism, he did something very special. He gave each one of them a job...their own special part of their sister's sacrament.  They were thrilled. While Carter may not look it, he was just taking his job very seriously.

And Peter had a few questions...

Sophie decided she wanted a closer look about half-way through.

Every time Father took a breath, John Paul tried to hand him the holy water.  He was very eager!

In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit...

At the very end, Father went and prayed with Genevieve at the Tabernacle and offered a special blessing.

My grandparents with their thirteenth great-grandbaby.

After the baptism, we went to the house for a New Mexican meal of posole, tamales, and tortillas with a few French petits four to honor Saint Genevieve (really, they're just the most delicious dessert we've had for every baptism, but it was especially fitting for the girls and their French saints!).


Christian sisters...

And, my mom was the one behind all of these beautiful we had to sneak in a photo after Mass with our Church's newest member.

Welcome to the Church, sweet Genevieve!

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