Monday, February 15, 2016

20 | 21 Week 1

One week down with this mini capsule wardrobe.  And, I wore six different outfits.  One day, I put my gym clothes on early to work out.  And, I think I maybe worked out at 4pm, and I never changed. Happens more than I'd like to admit, ha!  And, some days the gym clothes are on but I have no workout to show for it (most days, really).  But, I'm trying!!

Here's week one...

Honestly, it's been fun, and not hard.  But, I don't work outside of the home, so I think that makes it a bit easier for me.  And, I've never been one to have to wear something different all the time.  I am more of the kind that could wear the same shirt every day for a week, ha!  So, if  you see these same outfits next week, you've been warned.

Tomorrow I'm talking about some amazing cleaning products that are kid-friendly...and there might be a giveaway involved.  Stay tuned!

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