Monday, November 10, 2014

Set in Their Ways

These two.  They like things a certain way, and they don't change much.  Well, one more than the other, really.  But a few weeks ago it was this...
The army pants, of course.  But, the tooled leather belt has been added.  And, the cowboy hat pulled down to where the crease comes out. (Currently, it's a baseball cap and the addition of my Frye boots - not worth the fight).

This guy just needs his cup.  If it's in his mouth, it stays until it's empty.  However, he also has to use his hands for toys.  You just can't convince him to give it up.  So, after a few days of this, the straw gives out, and we're off to find a new lid.

But, it makes them happy.  And, it doesn't hurt them.

It just means there are 99 things in his closet that go unworn...
...and where we save on clothes for Peter, we make up the difference in new cups for John Paul.
Easy enough.  I'm not quite sure where they get their stubbornness, ha.
Maybe it will serve them well.


  1. That cup in the mouth, so cute/funny. My kid wears the same outfit every time it is clean. Always spiderman top and shorts...

  2. Cute!! Yeah... we have the superhero shirt rotation going on right now. This one is dirty so they were that one until the other one comes out of the dryer. Sigh... ;)

    1. Haha!! I think we're just now moving past the camp...maybe ;)