Thursday, November 20, 2014

Boys Riding with Elley

"Horshee.  Horshee.  Horshee."  All day long from John Paul.  Then he'll add to it with a little "I wide horshee?"  

Since some of the weaned calves have been on this little place, everyone typically starts here in the mornings.  On this particular morning, there was a little time afterwards, and sweet Elley asked the boys if they wanted to ride.  John Paul jumped at the chance.

He was upset that his turn was over.
 Peter was next in line.

And, Carter was a bit busy looking for bugs with Amos (how about this well-tended area?!).

Finally, he decided he wanted to ride (he isn't the biggest horse lover), and he thought his hat would scare Cap (the horse), so he asked if I'd wear it, and my sweet husband got a picture ;)

Captain aka "Cap" was an orphan.  His momma died after having him, and my mom (Elley) got to raise him.  So, he's pretty close to all of our hearts, and he's good with the kids.  Something hard to find these days.  They don't ride very often, but it's a fun treat when they do get to.  


  1. How fun!!
    I took horseback riding lessons one summer as a child, and it was one of the best summers ever. I was never good at it... and I'm still slightly terrified when I go horseback riding with the hubby (which isn't often, but he loves it. So sometimes we'll do it when we're on vacation).
    I think that riding such a gentle giant will make for a wonderful memory for your boys!!! :)

  2. How fun! I admit I went horseback riding once and was pretty scared the whole time.

  3. I would love love love for my boys to get a horse ride soon. They both love horses and always talk about riding. We missed ponies at the pumpkin farm this year so hopefully another opportunity will happen at some point :) So fun and love that sweet Amos with your boys!