Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Our Days at Papa and Elley's

Every few weeks, we go to Papa and Elley's for the day.  It's where I grew up from sixth grade on, and it's a gorgeous little piece of creation.  The boys love to go throw rocks in the pond, and I love to watch.  They ambush Daddy and Papa for any piece of time they have over the lunch hour.

 This last time the yard was filled with fallen leaves, and Carter was amazed!
They always beg to spend the majority of their time in the sandbox.
Typically one builds a castle, and another knocks it down.
 This time Peter was "pannin' for gold."
 And, Carter was practicing his balance.
It's the little things, and they love them so much.
The leaves are almost gone now, and the air is pretty cold, but I'm sure we'll venture out in the sand still...just with a few more layers!


  1. I love that kids adore simple things, such as fallen leaves and sand-boxes! I feel as though my husband and I are big kids at heart... but we too often are busy and overlook these simple treasures. I'm most excited about being a mom, because I can't wait to experience these things all over again through the eyes of my little boy. :)

  2. Definitely looks like a bit of heaven from my computer. Just gorgeous! And I love how boy-boy your boys are!

  3. I love this! All of it. Your parents' house is beautiful, but I really love that your kiddos are making such great memories with their grandparents.

  4. So fun and so nice that you all get to do this!

  5. That sandbox looks super fun. I bet the boys could spend days digging and building. A friend of mine hid big plastic 'gemstones' in her sandbox for her granddaughters and they loved finding the treasures. Boys may not be quite as interested in the sparkles, but Sophie could like it someday!