Monday, January 25, 2016


I may have mentioned this before (I'm kind of forgetting things already, ha!), but when I was growing up (up until I was about nine years old) we worked on my grandfather's ranch.  Also working there was a man named Carlos, and his wife Teresa.  Teresa was so good to us (my siblings and me), and we loved spending time with her...especially when she made her famous tortillas.  They were thick, and huge, and well, just the best tortillas I have ever tasted.  She let us come watch.  She even let us help, and best of all, she let us slather one with butter fresh off the griddle...and it was gone in seconds.  When we would arrive home from school on the bus, we knew that if she had hung a white tea towel on her front gate, it meant it was tortilla-making time, and we were welcome!

So, I've always had a love for tortillas - growing up, they were my bread of choice - and I especially love them homemade.  But, until now, I never had a recipe quite like hers.  When I found one a few months ago, I might have forever ended any hopes of losing weight, haha.  Because, we love these, and I thought it was only right that I allow the kids to help, just like Teresa did for us.

Peter said how thankful he was that "Jesus told us to make tortillas."

Carter told me he had decided that he was going to be a chef, so he took the job very seriously.

Sophie wasn't too sure about her job of adding the Crisco.  

Then they all got to roll them out.  Some were thicker than others...some just needed a little smooshing with the hands.

Carter, the chef, wouldn't stop until his were very thin.

Sophie's was the first on the griddle.

And, there you have it...tortilla shapes as unique as their creators and equally delicious!


5 C. flour
3 t. salt
3 t. baking powder
2 C warm water (I used less)
4T lard/Crisco

Mix all dry ingredients together (cutting the lard into the dry ingredients).  Then slowly add warm water until the dough is firm and workable.   Roll out to your desired thickness and cook on a medium hot griddle!  


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