Friday, January 22, 2016

3/52: No Theme

This week, we've been to a few doctor's appointments where Genevieve got her first round of shots - she is feeling it now.  I had an Upper GI.  The other kiddos got to spend the night with Papa and Elley which is always a big hit.  We made tortillas - recipe to come next week!  And, we did our normal things.

Carter // - here he is getting ready to make tortillas.  In the middle of it all, he declared that he wanted to be a chef and was very particular about getting the tortillas rolled out thin enough!
Peter // - he hasn't been napping well.  Neither has Sophie this week.  So, when they were up at the same time while the others were sleeping, outside they went!  And, I peeked out the kitchen window to find them in the sandbox, then riding in the jeep, and finally on the "tater totter."  It was precious and so neat to see him filling the role of big brother.
John Paul // 3 -- Genevieve // 8 weeks - "Here momma, take a picture!  I'm Genefief!"  He has developed such a special little bond with her.  I always find him rubbing her head and talking to her in a high-pitched voice (who could he be mimicking??).

Sophie // 1 - she is soooo proud of her tummy these days.  Just swing by the house, and you'll see. It's the first thing she does when she sees people.

Have a great weekend!

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