Monday, October 26, 2015

Sweet Peter - He's Four!

Last week, sweet Peter turned four.  Part of me feels like he's already been four forever, and the other part of me wonders how he got this old so quickly.  Anytime I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he would always say, "A stwabewwy cake, a sharp knife and a dangerous gun."  He is all boy.  Of course, he didn't get the last two requests, but we found a pretty neat little wooden knife for him that he loves.  And, the strawberry cake was a hit.  So, it ended up as a win.

Here's a bit of the day...starting with a giant pancake and our traditional birthday banner and poster...

opening his gifts with a key :)

He also wanted to ride Sugarfoot.

Then, we went to Church and afterwards had a little party with our cousins.

Peter has such a big heart.  After he opened a few presents, he passed the rest out to his brothers to open.
While tough, he's sensitive.
That one dimple in his left cheek gets me every time.
He's ornery and antagonizes his brothers...but typically it goes both ways!
While he was obsessed with camo last year, this year it's "cowboy" shirts and jeans.  
He loves "looking nice" and notices when other people try to do the same.
He loves looking at books and enjoys finding a good rock or feather outside.
He's a worker - whatever he's tasked with, he's hard at it.
He's the shyest of the four, but this year he's really opened up.
He's probably the most like his momma, so sometimes I have a hard time knowing how to parent him (seems odd, right?), but we're learning as we go.
Peter is our precious second-born, and we couldn't be more blessed to call him our own!


  1. Awws so sweet, happy happy birthday sweet Peter!

  2. Oh, my friend Peter! A sharp knife and a dangerous gun. I adore him!