Friday, October 9, 2015

40/52: The Dirt Mountain

We don't have a place for the kids to ride their bikes.  Well, they can't really ride a bike yet, but their training-wheel bikes/trikes.  So, we're getting a small slab put in for that...and future basketball games, and maybe even a bit of chalk art.  So, we got home from running errands today, and there was a pile of dirt that looked like Heaven for the boys (and girl!).  Off they went...for about an hour!

Carter // 5 - a bit out of focus, but he was intent on working in that dirt! 

 Peter // 3 - he found a worm!

John Paul // 2 - his various smiles always make me smile!

Sophie // 1 - queen of the mountain!
And, I couldn't resist this photo of them waiting for their daddy to come out of the barn with the skid loader.


  1. Peter looks so much like you in this picture! I love these glimpses into your life on the ranch. And I also love that you still have green grass. This is such a good place to raise a housefull (and heartfull) of kids!

  2. Gah, how is Sophie standing up like a big kid?!?