Monday, June 8, 2015

The the Pasture

Yesterday afternoon, Jeremy decided that we needed to do a little cookout after naps, so while the little guys (and gal) were sleeping, he gathered some supplies, ran to the grocery store for hotdogs and s'more ingredients, and we watched as a hail storm moved in.  We thought the plans were off, but by the time the kids woke up, it was clearing out, so we loaded up in the pick-up and went searching for a  spot that wasn't infested with mosquitos.

Jeremy set up a little fire pit and some make-shift benches, and he went to work.
 It didn't take too long for the fire to get going...
 In the meantime, we had a few kinds of chips to sustain us.
 John Paul thought he needed to re-pop his popcorn.
 Then, out came the hotdogs for roasting.


 The boys played on the huge caliche mound while we readied the second course.

 John Paul wasn't quite sure about the burnt part.

 And, Carter just ate his plain.  He "weally doesn't like roasted stuff."
 But, she liked it.
 Then, the boys, of course, had to do a bit of work with the tools.

 Sophie was making sure the fire didn't get out of hand.

It was all fun and games until John Paul pooped his pants.

 I wish I was kidding.


  1. Hahah! This is so fun. I'd love a s'more - tasty! And the look on John Paul's face in that last perfect. You can tell he's up to something!

  2. Your photos are just glorious!