Friday, June 5, 2015


Carter // 4 - This is his last week of being 4, darn it.  Here we were at the Lees' home in IL and he was listening intently to someone tell a story while he had a few appetizers.
Peter // 3 - Peter was so excited to see baby Kolbe last week, and he was very intent on continually washing his hands - precious boy.

John Paul // 2 - He's.  All.  Boy.
Sophie // 11 months - her last week of being less than a year old!  For those who rarely see her smile...he's a smirk!


  1. These are my favorite ones yet!! They are all just precious. And HOW is Carter turning 5?!?

  2. ahhh Carter looks like such a little adult in that photo! So crazy!

  3. Your photos are so great!! They are all absolutely adorable.