Thursday, June 18, 2015

24/52: Outside

Carter // 5 - We were all working in the yard, and Carter was in charge of watering the flowers.  He thought it would be a bit more fun if he was tangled up in the hose while doing so.

Peter // 3 - He's really not a fan of me taking picture of him very often.  I don't blame him.  I probably do it too much, but this is the face I got when I pulled out my camera.
John Paul // 2 - He was in charge of cutting the little saplings off of the trees, but he thought clipping the grass was a better job.

Sophie // 1 - She was just sampling the rocks.


  1. Peter's face. I'm dying. I feel like that most days!

  2. Ha!! I'm with tiff!! That face!!

  3. LOL, Peter's face...I die!

  4. Such cute pictures!!! Sophie is such a doll!