Monday, May 25, 2015

Our Beautiful Spring

It's been raining so much here lately!  It's truly been the best Spring (in terms of moisture) that I've ever seen.   There were moments a few years ago that I never thought we would see the day.  I mean, really, you always know/hope it will turn around, but the scary part of it all is not knowing exactly when.  Will it be before or after you've sold everything?  I don't know if you remember this post I wrote awhile back - things looked grim.

A few evenings ago, the boys came running in to say I needed a picture of the Rabbit Ear mountains. Here is what they saw...
It was the cloud passing over the mountain that intrigued them.  What I saw was the green pasture.

God has truly blessed us...with moisture and so much else.  We've had to postpone brandings because it's been too wet, and that never happens.

And, it's lifted the spirits of the community...and our little family.

When we were out there, Carter wanted me to take a few shots of him running.

And, a close-up of John Paul just reminded me I didn't wipe his face after dinner.

(Peter was changing out of wet clothes, so he missed the photos).

We're on track for a great year ahead for the land and the animals...and ultimately for those whose livelihood depends upon both.  Thank you, God.


  1. A good spring really does make all the difference in ranch life, huh? My parents have been so much less stressed this year. It's fantastic to talk to them and not hear that tension in their voices. May there be many, many more years like this one!

  2. Um....when did Carter grow like three feet? Seriously?