Monday, May 11, 2015

It's Branding Season...Again

It's time for the annual branding post.  If you pay attention to nothing else, take a look at the difference in the land in just a year.  I wrote about last year's branding here, and it's quite the contrast.  Thank you, Jesus, for the rain!

The boys got up bright and early and finished their breakfast quickly in order to be ready when the "workers" came back with the cattle.  Carter couldn't stop looking out the back door hoping to see them.  
John Paul was on his fence perch hoping to be the first to catch a glimpse.

Here they came...

And, all of the cows and calves were pinned and ready to be sorted.

The boys helped Elley get all of the medicine prepped.

And, the cows watched from the other side of the fence as the festivities began.

Peter told Papa, "Good luck!"

And, John Paul decided to try what was in an old syringe.  That didn't go over well.
Uncle Chase was first up on the horse, with the job of "dragging" the baby calves to the crew who would brand, vaccinate, ear mark and cut them (if said calf was a bull and we didn't want to keep him a bull).

The men flanked the calves while Jeremy ear marked and cut them.

Then Elley finished up with the brand.  There isn't anyone who brands as well as she does!

Giving his horse a rest.
Meanwhile, the boys took a little break to go play in the water tank.

And, Papa took the lead in dragging.

The boys remained on the back of the pick-up watching all of the action.
 And, Sophie made it out for the last half.

Toward the end, Carter asked if he could try to brand one, so Elley showed him how.

He was one proud little boy.

He even asked if I would help him with one more, so I did.
And, a final look at exactly how she does it...

As any momma does, they were watching their babies intently.

But, all was well, and they're now ready to finish growing until they're weaned this fall!

Then it was time for some fresh cookies back at the house after the hard work was done  - maybe the boys' favorite part!


  1. Beautiful photos, Britt! This is all so foreign to me! Prayers for you and sweet baby! xoxo

  2. These pictures are so wonderful! Brings back memories of working cattle long ago...:) I love that your little family can be a part of it as they grow up too!

  3. Such cool photos as always. I feel like you were just posting this last year! I think this is about the time I started following you. Such a huge difference in grass/rain, that's great! Also, what does the branding do persay? What does the C mean under the X? Silly question?

  4. That is SO very cool! My daughter's horse was used as a cutting horse and to this day, Miss Penny's loves to hang around cattle ;)

  5. You're right - the grass looks great this year! I'm glad you've gotten a bit more moisture this year!