Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Favorite Toys for our Little Guys

Someone asked me a few weeks back (it might have been months, sorry!) what our little guys' favorite toys were.  Well, it changes a lot.  And, sometimes the toys are a bit unconventional, but here goes (links in bold)...

The boys have received these as gifts for their first birthdays, and my goodness, have they gotten a lot of use out of them!  Not always as just chairs, as you can see.  More often than not, they are integral parts of forts, ladders, etc.
I know they're a big investment.  However, they have been the best toy investment we've made yet! The boys are on them all hours of the day (when it's warm).  We even finally bought back-up batteries so we always have one charged.  
3.  Tools
Honestly, they prefer the real thing, but the toy tools work, too.  They always have "work to do" and "things to fix" so these have been around for a long time.  

How did this get in there?  This (harmonica) is my LEAST favorite toy.  Thank you Aunt RoRo.  I think it found it's way to the trash last week.

 4.  Hunting Games
My boys are "all boy" and they live on a ranch where we every now and then have to kill coyotes. So, that is a part of our life.  I know not all parents even like toy guns in the house.  But, for those who do, this is a fun way for the kids to get used to hitting a moving target.
This is a neat way to combine a favorite toy (a drill) with learning!  While not all of the boys can do the designs yet, they can drill the plastic screws in the pegs and then unscrew them, too!  And, they really enjoy doing it.  It keeps them occupied for awhile!

6.  Imaginets
This is something like I had as a kid, and I loved it!  It's a closable, wooden box full of specific magnets.  Included is a stack of cards with different designs using the magnets.  So, Carter picks a card and then uses the magnets to design it!  It's something he's so proud of when he finishes.  
This is a fun way for the kids to do sandbox-like activities when going outside is not an option.  They love it.  I might prefer them (and the sand) being outside!
This might be my all-time favorite!  It's amazing what you can create with these tiles.  Every one of the boys love building with them.  They aren't as tiny as legos, and they're extremely easy to clean up. Plus, the structures made are so cool!

If you have a long hallway, this is another fun option when you're confined indoors.  Some day mine will learn to roll the ball instead of throw it!
11. Perplexus Epic
Carter plays with this at least an hour a day.  Period.
12.  Backpacks
I know this might be a silly one, but the boys load and unload their backpacks all the time.  They go "camping" mainly, or they pretend to go stay the night with grandparents.  Usually they're full of cars, tools, blankets, you name it!
Talk about cheap entertainment.  It's their most requested little toy.
14.  Ezy Roller
The kids love these when they're outside.  We've just discovered we need a much bigger concrete area for them to be really fun.  So, if you have a lot of sidewalk or a big slab, these are a must!

There you have it...some really inexpensive entertainment, and some investments, but all my kiddos' favorites.  Soon, I'm sure, I'll be introducing a few more of the "pink" items, but for now, Sophie loves whatever these boys do!

What are some of your go-to toys?


  1. My girls like our Design and Drill too! I think we might get a bowling set for Christmas–our hallway will be perfect for it. They also love any pretend play toys: purses/backpacks, play food, phones, baby dolls, books, and lately they've had a Color Wonder marker infatuation.

  2. What?? The harmonica is your LEAST favorite? I find that to be both sad and tragic. Long live the blues!! Poor kids-- what do they use to tell you how hard life is if they don't have a harmonica?

  3. Oh wait, so the kids need a new harmonica? I'll see what I can do.

  4. So we have a ton of the same toys, and they are the boys' favorties, and Avalon too. Walkie talkies and flash lights seem to be my life savers while breastfeeding. And the bowling is always great when we can't get outside.