Wednesday, November 19, 2014

My First Pie: Apple

A sweet friend gave us a ton of apples a few weeks ago.  I used most of them for these...

Then I asked Jeremy if there was anything else he'd like for me to make with them.  His answer: apple crisp.  Easy enough.  Well, when I went to collect the ingredients, I didn't have everything, so I took a deep breath and decided to try a pie.  Mind you, the only pie I ever attempted was our first year of marriage (five years ago), and it in tears with a trip to the store to get a pre-made crust.  

But, I found this recipe, and decided it was a blend of a crisp and a pie and just might work.  It did. Probably too well...
By that I mean, the recipe was delicious.  Buttery, with a crunchy cinnamon sugary top and the perfect consistency of apples in the middle.
Clearly it wasn't my doing.  But, I do think you need to give this recipe a try.  I've been asked to make it again for Thanksgiving.  Let's cross our fingers that it goes well a second time!
There's nothing quite like a warm dessert with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream!


  1. YUM! :) Apple pie is one of my favorite desserts... and something that I'm usually requested to make every Thanksgiving. (So be warned... if yours is a hit, you may be 'stuck' with making one every year going forward. Ha, ha)! :)
    Your pie looks as though it was absolutely delicious!!!

  2. Okay, you described this to me but did NOT do it justice. This looks absolutely amazing!

  3. This looks and sounds so tasty. I have a weakness for apple pie. But mainly the crust.