Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Crazy Kids and Their Quotes

Obviously, these pictures were before I got tired of the hair over their ears and gave them choppy-non-professional-haircuts.  And, it was before our grass that never really turned super green died a quick death last week.  
Speaking of last week, we had a plumbing issue.  Our kitchen sink was backing up.  As Jeremy and I were talking about it, Carter perked up, "Hey guys!!  I have a pwoblem with my bathroom sink, too! You see, it doesn't work!" (It doesn't work because we turned the water to his room off after too many mishaps at naptime).  "Guyssss, we need to call da plumber!"
Jeremy: "You're looking at him."
Carter: (laughs).  "Oh Dad.  You're not da plumber.  You're just a player."
I choked on my water.

One evening before bed, Carter was tooting a lot and saying, "Excuse me!" a lot.  Finally he just looked at me and said, "Sowwy, Mom!  I'm just a gas tank."

When we went to pick out a puppy a few weeks ago, one of them was crying, and Carter ran up to it saying, "It's okay, little dog...twinkle, twinkle (and sang the whole song)."

On our way home from Amarillo last week, Peter pulled out his sword and said, "If anyone bees mean, I will sword day!"

When watching a cartoon about John Henry, Carter said, "Do you know what mighty means?  It means being bwave and strong!  I want to be a mighty man like John Henwy!"
At the end of a long prayer in Church, John Paul shouted in the quietness, "Amen, Momma!"

After I tell John Paul to do things lately, he's been getting that silly low voice again and saying, "Don't do it, get pankin!!!"  (I think he's had about three in his entire life).
He's pretty proud of his middle name.

We were at a friend's house and Peter, the really protective brother, saw some little girls try to pick Sophie up.  He ran to me shouting, "Dey don't do dat to Sophie!!!"

Peter has a bit of a crying moment in Church. John Paul (who cannot whisper) said on repeat, "Oh no!  Peder in twouble!" 

Many more funny things to come, I'm sure!


  1. These are my favorite posts you do!

  2. Such cute pictures and the quotes are adorable. You'll be glad you wrote these posts in the future. I wish I had a blog when my kids were just learning to talk. ...sigh....

  3. Could they be any cuter??? I seriously think little boys say the greatest things, not that I have much to compare it to yet, but once Avalon starts talking I will let you know ;) ha!

  4. So nice that you write those things on here Britt. I once had a note block I wanted to use for these moments but you know how that goes... Forgot to write it down half of the time and one day the book was gone... They still say funny things though, even as teens ;-)