Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Thoughts and Links...

Gosh, this week flew by!  In fact, so is the whole month of November for me.  I don't know why, but it doesn't seem like there are enough hours in the day.  The kids have all had colds (that haven't really had a huge effect other than lots of Kleenex being used).

I've been editing pictures from a wedding and an engagement session.  I really don't know where I'll go from here with all of this, but for now, I've decided to set up a little Facebook page so I can post my photos from sessions like these there.  If you'd like to see them, please like the page.  Maybe I'll have a website some day.  Maybe I'll stop it all next week.  I'm decisive like that.  Here is it: Britt Fisk Photography.  I set up an Instagram account too, here.

Speaking of photographs, Carter made the Word on Fire blog on Wednesday!  Even better than the picture of him is the blog post!  My goodness, it is good, and so applicable.  Can I just put it on repeat?!

Sweet Nell is making the cutest leggings these days.  I cannot wait for her holiday ones.  I think Sophie will need a festive pair!

Oh, as you can tell from the picture, the first snow came.  It wasn't a ton of moisture, but it definitely feels like winter out there.  I kind of like it, for now.

Do you have a way to celebrate Advent and prepare for Christ's birth this year?  If you don't already have something to focus on, I'd highly suggest getting this Blessed is She journal.  If email is more up your alley, have you signed up for Father Barron's daily Advent reflection?  I'm hoping to do both with the idea that it will serve as a constant reminder to be quiet and prepare my heart for Him a midst the chaos of the holiday season.  I know I'll need the reminder!

Carolyn wrote a beautiful post on humility in the Virtues of Mary series here.  From that post..."If we don’t take stock in our own actions, words and thoughts, we can never grow in humility.  Striving toward this virtue enables us to love God and to love our neighbors more deeply. We remember that we are each beautiful masterpieces of God’s creation.  We think before we do and before we speak, and when we fail –because we will–  we look to our Holy Mother who has always pointed us to Jesus and said “do whatever He tells you.”  Check it out.  And, follow along with the blog hop every Tuesday!

Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. I KNEW I recognized that little smile! Congrats on the Facebook page- your pictures are really gorgeous!

  2. You are just so lovely. What a photographer you are!! Thanks for the link love :)