Monday, April 28, 2014

Papa and Elley's House

I have someone help me with cleaning our home every two weeks.  It was a gift from my parents two years ago, and my husband has taken over giving that gift.  Seriously, it is the best gift in the world for me.  I felt guilty about it for a really long time, and sometimes still do, but it's worth it for so many reasons.  Anyway, when our sweet friend comes, I like to get out of the house, mainly because I don't want to get in her way, and secondly, the boys adore her and just want to play the entire time.  So, most of those days we go to Papa and Elley's house.  

Last time we went, the boys were in for a big surprise.  What they love more than anything are construction vehicles, so imagine their delight when they saw a huge cement truck pull up as we were playing outside.  

The boys could have watched for hours (and nearly did).  They love everything about it: the truck, the workers, a new project, etc.  Carter even pointed to a bar they had laid out asking what it was and then quickly said, "Oh wait!  Bob da Builder uses dose.  They are for leveling the cement!"  Who knew cartoons could be so beneficial ;)

Not only was a cement truck there that day, but Peter couldn't sleep well for his nap (rarely happens with him).  So, he asked if he could help Elley and me make cookies for RoRo's party coming up.  He loved every second of it...not only trying out a bite of dough here and there but feeling like he was a huge help in the process.  And, he was - for the most part!

The boys are so lucky to be close to both sets of grandparents and to do different things with each one often. They don't realize it now, but not everyone is blessed in that way.  We are so very thankful!

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