Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Favorites: The Hospital Bag

The Hospital Bag

While I know that these aren't all essentials, these are some of the things I like to take to the hospital with me when I'm having a little one.

1.  My Ugg slippers.  I rarely go anywhere without them, and it sure makes that cold hospital floor more manageable.

2.  I always debate whether to take a computer or not.  However, I like having the ability to send out an email without typing on my phone if I want to.  Plus I check social media way too much, and sometimes I just find it easier on a computer.

3.  My camera.  Cannot do without this.  I often hand it off to someone that first day so we can get a few "first family photos" and then I like to have it with me to take an inordinate amount of pictures of our newest family member.

4.  Nursing tank.  I typically leave for home in this.  During the hospital stay, I'm that person who lives in the lovely hospital gown.  It's easy.  It doesn't matter if it gets dirty.  And, it's less I have to pack :)  I might throw in a pair of yoga pants or warmer PJs from time to time.

5.  Obviously, I take my diaper bag.  Although, it's really unnecessary.  They have everything you need, but I like to have a few little outfits in there just in case (typically because I haven't decided by then what I want to take the baby home in )! ;)

6.  This typically comes with your hospital stay, along with Tucks and a few other necessities.  In the event that it doesn't, I highly recommend it as a must.

7.  I know this is crazy, but we like to bring something with us for the staff (and for certain little boys who love treats).  Every birth we've ordered these humongous Rice Crispy treats from The Crispery.  My favorite is pictured: the s'more one.  My gosh, they're so tasty!

Of course, I bring my makeup/toiletries (and it's often fun to have a lotion that smells great/works really well) because of the crazy amount of baths you have to take while there.  A change of clothes to go home, chargers, a phone, etc...all of the essentials.  These are just a few of my favorite things for the hospital.

I know it's more than five, but I'm linking up with Hallie for this one, too! Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Those Rice Krispy treats sound INCREDIBLE! What a cute tradition!

  2. I like your point about living in the hospital gown - easy, who cares if it gets dirty, and one less thing to pack! I hadn't thought about it like that, but it makes sense.

    I also love the idea of bringing something for the staff. Make friends with the people who are a pretty critical part of the birthing/hospital experience - smart!


  3. Hey you!! I haven't even THOUGHT about packing a bag yet!! What do you think of your diaper bag (is it the Tim and Nat?)? I'm still on the fence between that one and a handmade one on etsy. Let me know your honest opinion when you get a moment! We're getting closer - I can hardly stand it!! :)

  4. I love the crispy treat for the staff idea and the ugg slippers look so comfy! I always leave feeling so grateful for how wonderful they all were to help us in so many ways. The amazing servitude is such a gift! Definitely keeping this tip in mind for when we God-willingly are able to have another! :)

  5. You are giving birth and yet you bring gifts for others. Seriously, you're a saint. A saint I tell you.

  6. Ooh, I LOVE this list!! Thank you so much for sharing! (Oh, and I thought that #7, at first, was a peanut butter sandwich, and now I'm suddenly craving one! Ha, ha). :)

  7. The Crispery is my fav fav fav!!! I am so guilty of ordering some treats for myself :) haha! But it is so nice of you guys to share!

  8. Oh! I add my "yup!" to this list.

  9. I think I am the one mom in the world that doesn't like a diaper bag. It was never big enough... so I buy a super duper big purse and the important stuff gets tossed in. B list items stay in a bag in the car.

    1. Honestly, I over stuff mine. I have a car bag, too, and guess what, it rarely gets touched. I'm too much of the "you never know when you may need this" person!