Monday, May 13, 2013

QOTW: 5/13/13

Jeremy was singing that "knick knack paddy whack give a dog a bone" song the other day and was on the number four when Carter said:

"Dad, dats a gweat song, and I'm glad you love it!  BUT, I tink you need to stop singing it so it won't wake anybody up" - everyone was awake.

I was facetiming with someone the other day, and they were sad when we got off the call.  Carter said:

"Oh no, was she sad?  I KNOW, I will make her happier!  Les call her back and I will be weally weally silly."

Carter always wants Peter to play with him.  Peter uses it as power over Carter and shakes his head no when he knows Carter really wants to.  So, we've told Carter to just go play and Peter will eventually follow.  The other day when it happened again, Carter got right in his face and said:
"Peter, I am going to ignore you.  When, I go in my woom without you, you need to follow me.  Ok?  Peter?  Ok?"

"HELP!!! HELP!!!" ( I hear from the back part of the yard as I am pulling crab grass in the front).  I go see what it is, and Carter has his undies around his ankles.
"Carter!  What are you doing??"
"I's jus killin crab grass."

"Hey Mom!  What's your shirt say?"
"Word on is where RoRo works!"
"OH NO!  OH NOOO!  RoRo is on fire?????  We better save her!!!"

I got a hanging basket of tomatoes the other day, full of little green tomatoes.  However, since I brought it home and planted it (instead of hanging it), it has mysteriously lost a lot of tomatoes (thank you Carter and Peter).  I warned them time and again not to pick them.  As I was warning them, Carter pulled one off.
Then, Peter uprooted my herbs (for the second time).
Jeremy walks in the door for lunch.
"Hey Dad!  It's been a BAD day.  We got lotsa spankins!"

Carter checking out PaPa and Elley's new puppies.


  1. So great! I love Carter's response to Jeremy singing the song. "I'm glad you love it, but...." Your kids are awesome!


  2. I'm sure glad that you're writing these down - there are so many pearls you'd undoubtedly forget a lot of them otherwise. My favorite is "killing the crabgrass". How do you keep from collapsing in laughter?