Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Five Favorites...

Five Favorites, hosted at

Another round of Five Favorites with Hallie (pray for her sick kiddos)!

1.  Firmoo!

I got my second pair of funky glasses for $6.95.  That's right...just the cost of shipping.  And that includes a prescription!  You can even get sunglasses.  I am in love :)  Take a look at Firmoo (many bloggers have already mentioned it!) - you can even "try them on" online.  So fun!

2.  Fannie Farmer's Mac n' Cheese
This recipe is amazing!  Yes, it takes a little time to make, but it is so worth it!  It even freezes well!  I made 6 batches for a branding we have this weekend, and someone climbed his stool to get a taste when I wasn't looking.  It's a new favorite!  Tip: Use extra sharp cheddar if you try it!

3.  Smoked Salt

We received a set of fun spices when we got married, and we just ran out of this smoked salt.  Makes things have a bit of that grilled flavor without the grill :)  Yummy.

4.  Tom Lichtenheld

The boys LOVE this book.  I found his website and can't wait to order a few more.  He's an amazing illustrator and the stories are just precious.

5.  Summertime.

The boys got some new sunglasses from Old Navy, and they are loving living outside.  Carter changes personalities when his shades come out.  They're learning not to cry when they run through the sprinkler, and how to play better together.  Ha!  They're still "watering" my plants with the hoses and figuring out a way to be outside with the least amount of clothing as possible.  It's fun to live in the boonies :)

For a ton of other favorites, head on over to Moxie Wife!


  1. You look so precious in your glasses. Love them!


  2. I really gotta try me some Firmoo...nervous cuz I have SUCH a "thick" prescription! You look so stylin' in yours!

    And we lovelovelove Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site. It's my latest baby shower gift!

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you. I'm telling you, you must try them. You might can pay a bit extra for thin lenses. If not, just get some sunglasses!!

      Oh, I love it! Have you read any of his other books?