Friday, May 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes...

Joining Jen for Seven Quick Takes this Friday...

1.  Carter has been at it again.  I didn't get in a QOTW, so I'm sharing some here...

I had given both Carter and Peter a sucker.  Peter quickly devoured his.  Carter was savoring his when I heard a terrible scream.  Upon going in the other room to see what the problem was, I saw Peter with Carter's sucker, and Carter laying on the floor crying.  I took it away, returning it to Carter and causing Peter to cry and went back into the other room to do whatever it was I was doing.  Within minutes, Peter came to me with Carter's sucker again.  Then Carter came in saying:

"I was laying on the gwound tinking, what should I do?  What should I DO?  Then, I tot, I do not want my sucker anymore.  Peter can have my sucker.  And I gave it to him!!"

Just preparing for his birthday in a month.

2.  Abby (my parents' Border Collie) had puppies.  Carter was so proud of her he came running to me upon hearing the news saying, "Abby deserves a biscuit!  GIVE HER A BISCUIT!"

3.  Carter was trying to speed race though the meal blessing and finished in about 2.5 seconds.  When we told him that Jesus might have a hard time understanding him talking so fast he said...
"Oh!  Jesus lives in my heart.  I will talk louder so he can HEAR me!"

4.  Guardian angels are amazing.  I just finished listening to a talk of the Lighthouse CD of the Month series, and part of it was on the importance of having a relationship with your guardian angel.  That evening, I was praying with Carter and asking God to send their guardian angels to guide and protect them always.   Then, I went to turn on Carter's Tot Clock (which has only ever played music), and it came on with a story that said, "Hi.  This is your guardian angel talking..."  Crazy!

5.  Hallie has saved my carpet :)  In one of her Five Favorites a week ago, she mentioned the floor cleaner/spot remover Folex.  Well, I had my doubts.  All of our boys have been insane spit-uppers.  I mean, vomit style at least 2-3 times per feeding.  Anyway, our carpet (which isn't two years old), looks notsogood.  And, I've tried everything.  Well, I thought I had...until Hallie saved me and my sanity.  This stuff works!  Thank you!

6.  This little girl came to visit this week.  We hosted her Mom's birthday after Mass.  What a beaut...

the high life via Aunt Sammie...

And check out her brother...

and all three...

Happy Birthday, sweet Cyd!  This girl is about as amazing as they come in the mom department.

7.   And a photo to end...Carter and his love for ladybugs.

Have a blessed weekend!  Enjoy Mother's Day, and don't forget to read the other fun posts at Conversion Diary!


  1. Britt, lovely as always. I may have to try that Folex!

  2. Oh my goodness, #1! SO cute!!! I love how kind they are when they just think things through on their own :)

  3. These are adorable quick takes! Love the cute pictures of the kids and the stories about Carter. I'm glad you're recording the things he says, because they're just priceless. Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Mother's Day!

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