Tuesday, April 9, 2013

John Paul: 4 Months...

Here are some stats about our little John Paul (we'll know more after his appointment on the 23rd):

Height: ~25 inches
Weight: ~16 lbs

Other things he is doing (more for me to remember than anything else):

eating about 5 oz every 3-4 hours during the day
sleeping from about 6:30ish-5:45 (has woken up at 3 the last two nights...growth spurt?)
wearing mainly 6 month clothes
wearing size 2 diapers 
spitting up like his brothers :(
laughing, talking, smiling and loving life :)

As always, he is a joy!

Now for a look at his brothers at this point...



Some days I think he looks more like Carter, and others more like Peter.  Hmmm...


  1. He is precious. Such a gift- all of them! Love watching them grow even if it's through pictures on the internet :-) Hugs to you, sweet friend!

    1. You are so sweet. They really are gifts, aren't they! Hope you're enjoying your sweet two!

  2. What a cutie! I think he looks like a cross between the two - I can totally see how you change your mind about which one he looks like!