Friday, April 5, 2013


On Easter Sunday afternoon, our sweet friend Tiffany (if you're not a follower of her blog - you are missing out), came to visit!!  Tiffany was RoRo and my high school friend from a neighboring community.  Actually, let me correct that, in high school, she intimidated me.  If we were participating in an FFA contest that she was in, watch out!  She was a fierce competitor, so I never took the opportunity to really get to know her like I do now.  

However, when I was in DC, she was scouting law schools and she and Amy (another great friend and blogger here), came to stay for a couple of days.  It was a refreshing taste of life back home and the best time.

Now Tiffany is getting ready to head to College Station and work for my Alma mater.  I couldn't be more excited and believe her "Go Pokes" has a little room for "Gig 'em"!  

The boys adored her and ask every morning where Tiffany is.  So, Tiff, come back soon!

Peter and Sean are new best friends...

Dad gives a lesson in basketball...

The boys loving on Tiff..

Trying for a good picture...

Maybe next time :)

RoRo, Tiff and I maybe send five emails on a daily basis.  Although miles apart, it's as if we we're together all the time.  What a blessing to truly be together on Easter.  Love you girls!


  1. I love this, and I just love you guys!! I had the best time! I've got to come back for sure! Oh, and the idea that YOU were intimidated by ME is the silliest thing I've ever heard. Ever in life. You were Britt Carter for crying out loud!!


  2. I love all of this!! What a wonderful afternoon with friends. Tiff is pretty much the coolest honorary aunt ever, so it's no wonder the boys loved her.


    PS - We had such a blast in DC with you all those years ago!! That was an awesome trip.