Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Five Favorites...

Linking up with the now mama of six, Hallie, for...

1.  I love a good read/post.  A friend sent me this one yesterday.  Take a look.  It's amazing!

2.  This exchange with my oldest (a little shy of three years):

I don't know where I came up with it or why I say it (sounds a little silly when I write it), but sometimes I call Carter Sugar Bear (I know).

Me: Let's go clean up, Sugar Bear.
Carter:  I not a bear, Mama!
A bear is a animal.
You tan doe see a bear at da zoo (side note: we live nowhere near a zoo).
It will be amazing!

Me: Carter, put your boots on.  We're going to clean up Salty's (our lab) cage.
Carter: Clean what?
Me: The poop.
Carter: I tan't.
I don't yike poop.
Poop makes me want to frow up.
I don't yike poop.
Me either.

In reference to his lunch:
Carter: Oh, I tan't eat dat.  It will give me a tummy egg.

3.  I saw these suits on another blog this week - so fun:

Jantzen Swimwear Vamp Bathing Suit | Red White Polka Dot

4.  Whole Foods Super Stars.

I love them.  Again, we also don't have a Whole Foods within 3.5 hours.  So, my sweet Chicago sister brings them when she comes home.  She brings them for the boys, but I have become a bit addicted myself.

5. These shirts from Anthropologie:

Fun and light for summer!

6.  I know there are just supposed to be five, and this isn't a "favorite" but I just read about this on Lindsay's blog.  God, be with them.  It will be my "favorite" way to pray for awhile.


  1. Carter stories are my favorite! :)

  2. "It will be amazing!"

    He and my Cecilia would be besties - for her, everything is "So beautiful!"

    Too cute!

  3. Good for Carter taking a stand on the "no poop" issue! Ha!