Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Simple Things...

Some days I find myself totally and completely wrapped around my to-do list.  Typically I do have a few important/necessary things to get done in my days.  However, I'm not sure "Memorize John Paul's SSN" should be just one more line item to add to the list of twenty.  Sometimes, I equate my worth to my productivity or lack there of, hoping the boys are learning to be independent and play by themselves.   Yet, the marking off of items seems to be an addiction.  As one item is accomplished, I add another to the list.  And, I'm never really done.  That "in a minute" in response to a plea to play turns into, "tomorrow."  "Tomorrow" turns into "next week" and you can see where this goes.

I know there is a time and place for getting things done, like keeping up with the housework and making meals for the family, and paying bills, etc.  However, there is also a need to simply be a parent in the sense of playing, teaching and loving on our children.  

Reading is my favorite form of "play." While Peter isn't as into it as Carter is at this point, there is nothing quite like a good book.

just a little nose-picking to go with it...

Jeremy loves to take the boys outside, and I think it is their favorite activity as well.  It doesn't matter if it is twenty degrees, they are happiest out in the open with their Daddy ( I didn't take the time to edit the red eyes).

As everyone always tells me, "The to-do list can wait."  In reality, most of it can.  These simple activities need to be one of its most important line items.

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  1. Peter's outside outfit kills me. Cutest thing ever.