Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bread and Flowers...

is there anything better?

Yesterday, there was a knock on my door, and the FedEx man, Everett, had a box of flowers for me.  Not from him, of course!

I opened it up and this is what I found!

Tulips!!!  Possibly my most favorite flower.  And what's even better...there was no reason for them whatsoever.  My friend over at Figuring out the Plot (follow her!), sent them with a note that basically said, "I thought these might brighten up your Tuesday."  That they did!  And every other day from here on out.

Thank you!

The knock on the door broke up some time doing this...

making my new favorite bread recipe: English Muffin Bread.

I have never been a bread maker, but this just might have changed me.  The recipe made three large loaves, and three mini loaves, and my family is in love!

It is even better toasted!

Oh, the simple joys in life!

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  1. You know an Everett? How awesome! We only know one other "Everett" in the world - and he added an "e" to the end of his name... It's the man who lead my husband to faith in Christ all those years ago. We named child #3 after him. :-) Enjoy your tulips. They're beautiful. And man... I've NEVER made homemade bread! Good for you!