Thursday, November 1, 2012


Yesterday, Halloween, was not our best day yet.  It all started out good.  The boys got up.  We had our normal routine, played outside, enjoyed each other, had a good lunch, etc.  It got a little hairy when I tried to put Carter down for an earlier nap so we could enjoy some afternoon Halloween festivities.  Well, it took him about 1.5 hours to actually fall asleep.  Maybe it was the fact that he was asking every five minutes if it was time to come out/get up.  Enough "no" answers and he finally crashed.  He woke up about 15 minutes before we were to leave for our local Halloween costume contest in town.  Well, I tried to dress him in his costume and for lack of a better phrase, all Hell broke lose.  He started screaming his head off, trying to rip the spots off of his costume while yelling, "I don't want to put on costume."  Luckily Jeremy was there and was helping wrangle him.  Finally, after basically strong-arming the poor kid, he was dressed in his attire, trying to catch his breath between sobs and causing the little man to have the same reaction to his costume.  Pure bliss. 
Then I thought, who are we doing this for?  Yes, us, the parents.  And, I felt terrible.  Yet, not terrible enough to cancel the plans.
Carter and Peter had two costumes this year.  After the first one, we almost gave up on the second.  ALMOST.  See, our cousins had the brilliant idea of being a herd of cattle following the one poor child who was dressed as a feed sack (she got second place, by the way!).  To say she wasn't excited about Halloween this year is an understatement, but God bless her, she took one for the team.  We were lucky enough to have a little cowboy in the pack, as well as a few old mama cows.  So, off we were to the bank contest.
The "before" - so much more pleasant than the "after"
 Peter and his cousin, Clare.  He looks thrilled, doesn't he.

Carter.  Mad.  Sans spots, horns and bell and clinging to his blanket as if there were no tomorrow.
Part of the herd of calves with their oh-so-happy feed sack.

The horns lasted .5 seconds (even that long thanks to Elley).

And the mama cows. Lovely :)


Papa saves the day with a little koolaid...

Would have rather been riding in the semi-trucks he saw driving by...

Finally home...
Little did he know we were just home for some fuel in the form of pizza and a quick costume change before we hit the streets trick-or-treating.
It was time for costume #2 -- sharks from MiMi!  MiMi sent the boys the most precious shark outfits.  Carter was a hammerhead and Peter was a great white and neither liked the costume putting on the second time around any better than the first.  I'll learn someday.  However, we managed to get them on again and loaded up to gather candy.  We went to a total of five houses and it felt more like twenty-five.  By the end, however, I think Carter decided everything was alright and Halloween wasn't too bad.  Whew!
The shark on his way to Aunt Sammie's (Schammie) apartment.  He was really good at saying "trick-or-treat."
 My photography skills are getting better by the minute ;)

The great white was in character all evening...

What a day :)


  1. Precious....they all looked so cute. Love the feed sac and cows, such a cute idea and of course Cowboy Rett!! Our halloween was a bit hairy at times too...more because I want everything to be PERFECT! I'm not sure when I will learn it's not going to be perfect and we would all have more fun if I would!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Oh my gosh, is this ever cute!!!!!! Poor Lily... I remember those days. I was a (big-bottomed) chicken one year because Mom thought it was adorable. I love the little brand on Carter's pants! Precious idea!

  3. Aww, Britt! Bless their hearts. The feed sack and cow thing---hilarious and awesome. LOVE it! Glad that Carter finally came around. Poor Peter looks like he never did. There's always next year! :)


  4. What adorable pictures! And I can totally relate to your Halloween misadventures!

    I found you from your link on the Truth & Charity FB page yesterday!