Saturday, November 17, 2012

QOTW: 11/17/12

"I live in a garbage can.  Toot toot."

Carter and Peter met Stephen Ross for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  Carter was talking to Jo and saying that we were going to have a baby soon, too.  "But his name will be John Paul.  I will call him John Pope, though.  John Pope a good, good man!"

As I've mentioned before, I think a childlike faith is something we all could use and have somewhat fallen away from.  Carter ran into the living room where I was one evening with a piece of paper in his hands.  It was a guide to praying the Rosary.  His eyes were big and he practically shouted, "Mom, I have a message from Mary.  It says, 'Pray to God.'"

Carter has started imagining, which I love.  He came into the room carrying a pretend red string the other day and called it his baby.  When I asked if I could hold it, he said, "Not now, he's VERY quiet!"

Carter had a long bout of the stomach bug last week.  I hate when little ones get sick...and he didn't have a clue why anything was happening.  After an episode, he was upset and said, "Mommy, why is my tummy doing this???"

We've had a few rounds of discipline "problems" lately and are trying to get things in order.  Carter and Peter were playing with their Dad on Sunday and having the best time wrestling, screaming, laughing, (repeat, repeat, repeat).  I walked in to see what was going on and Carter said, "Go back in kitchen, Mommy."  He's going to be a great husband someday ;)

The next day, I saw Carter in the kitchen with his hands pressed together.  When I asked what he was doing, he said, "Please Jesus help me be a good boy to Mommy.  PLEASE help me."  Ha!

After a long afternoon of playing, we sat down for dinner.  Carter took one drink of his milk, started smiling and shaking his head saying, "OH, this milk makes me SOOOO happy.  It makes me so happy."

Jeremy was working out of town last week for a few days, so Elley, Carter, Peter and I took care of things here.  We were in the pick-up feeding cows, and I was putting feed out.  Carter said he wanted to help with the cows.  I asked him to count them and then said that he was helping so much.  He just looked at me, frowning, and said,  "I not helping.  I not doing ANYTHING!"  He really wanted to be out there with those cows.


  1. These are awesome, Britt. I love it. The one about the kitchen cracked me up!


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