Monday, May 16, 2016

A Blue Apron Gift for You

If you've been reading the blog for a bit, you know that we have become big fans of Blue Apron this year.  a friend of mine had an offer code for a free trial that she sent my way, and we've been hooked since then.  It's perfect for us, as we live out in the country and don't make it to town as often as some for fresh produce.  Plus, everything is ready to go - the perfect amount of farm fresh ingredients for each recipe, with no waste.  The point is easy, and anything that helps make mealtime around here less stressful is a win!

Well, Blue Apron sponsored this post and wants to offer you readers a special deal...two free meals on your first Blue Apron order!  I tell all of my friends and family about it, especially since there is no commitment necessary.  Sometimes we have it weekly, and there has been a month or two when we've just had it delivered once.  That makes it work for us.  

Take a look at what we made last week...

The box arrived on Tuesday, and the kids were ecstatic!  They know what is in the coveted Blue Apron box, and they always beg to unload the fresh ingredients by themselves.  It was Carter's turn this time.

He quickly zeroed in on the mushrooms...a favorite of his!
We decided to make the pizza as a family and enjoy the other two dishes for in-house date nights. While my parents took the boys to see Jungle Book, Jeremy and I decided to try the Fresh Udon Noodle Stir-Fry.  I think I mentioned before that I had never tried udon noodles until we signed up for Blue Apron, but I love them now!  This recipe was coupled with shiitake mushrooms, and it was delicious.

I had step-by-step instructions on how to prep the dish.

Jeremy joined in, too!

Sophie saw the noodles and hopped up in her Daddy's lap to share!

Another night with the kids, we made a favorite of (this time Greek) - and they each had a job!

John Paul stretched the dough.

Peter spread the mozzarella.

Sophie topped it with olives...and complete concentration.

John Paul dumped a few onions.

And, Carter finished it off with the fontina cheese.


Crowd pleaser.

Lastly, we had fish tacos and the most amazing coleslaw I've ever had (with chipotle and fresh-squeezed lime)!

Over the last few months, we have tried everything from gnocchi to catfish sandwiches.  We've ordered from the family plan and the 2-person plan.  With every order, we've received fresh produce right at our doorstep coupled with recipes new to us!  It's been a fun way to try new things, to introduce the kids to a variety of foods, and to be able to cook high-quality meals with little leg work.

Most of all it's been a blessing for us in the sense that Jeremy can come home from a long day of branding calves or moving cattle (which in turn means a long day of me wrangling the kids), and we can have a meal ready to eat in less than forty-five minutes that has been pre-planned for us!  I can see this becoming even more of a staple during our busy seasons.

Do you want to try it?  I hope you will!  For the first twenty of you to sign up for a delivery HERE, you'll receive two free meals.  

It's so worth it!

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