Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Fish Per Cast

There's a huge pond over at Papa and Elley's house, and since it's gotten so warm, all the kids want to do is fish.  Especially Peter.  So, they bought a few little kid fishing poles and a couple cans of corn, and away they went.
The last time we fished there, I bet Peter caught 25!  Basically he caught a fish with every cast.  And, he also learned to get the fish off the hook by himself.  His momma did too, ha!  I've never been one for fish or fishing.

He begged to take some home.  So, we brought three to put in our stock tank.  Two are still alive.
Carter was convinced that he needed a big hook, but it didn't really work like he had hoped.  It doesn't seem to work when the fish are only about six inches long.  Instead it got caught on Elley's shirt.
Sophie was a little apprehensive at first...

...but then this happened.  

And, I don't know where John Paul was in most of these pictures.  Probably getting his Mickey Mouse fishing pole untangled for the fifth time. 

I have a feeling I know how I'll be spending my summer days at my parents' house.  It keeps them happy, and really, it's pretty cute to watch...until a hook catches a finger.

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