Thursday, May 5, 2016

Chick Chick Chickadee

Well, we did it.  We bought chickens, or chicks, really.  I didn't think we would.  Heck, just a couple of years back we turned our coop into a storage space.  Well, fast forward to May 1st, when it was snowing outside.  Jeremy decided to take the kids for a little adventure and came home with eight babies.
Just a couple weeks before, my parents decided to do the same, but they bought fifty.

We had baby chicks at one point when I was growing up, but I don't remember much about the upkeep.  For now, they're in a little tank with shavings, their food/water and a heat lamp.

Soon, we'll get the coop back in order and set up a little area for them to run around that is protected from the dogs.
For anyone wanting to try, I'll keep you updated.  For those who are seasoned chicken keepers, I need all your tips!

I'm really excited about this being a project for the kids.  I hope they remain excited!  Plus, I'm anxious for eggs at some point.  However, I'll be the first to say, when we discover any roosters, I think we'll get rid of them and keep the hens...I'm not excited to crack an egg for breakfast only to find a chick inside. Yikes.

So far, this little guy is in love with them.  He spends so much time with them and came in the other day saying that Fuzzy pooped on his finger.  "Momma, I wanted to say, 'NO NO Fuzzy.  You know we don't do that!' but he was just being so sweet, I just couldn't do it."
We've got a Fuzzy, MooMoo, Polly Jolly, and a Maud so far.  We need four more names (no, we don't know which one is which).'s to new adventures!

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