Monday, May 23, 2016

Peter vs. The Rabbit (Not Peter Rabbit)

I really love this rabbit.  Well, I both love him and get mad at him.  I love him because Peter spends hours (seriously about three hours a day recently) chasing and luring this bunny over and over again.   And, Peter loves it.  I love watching him.  He is such a precious boy.  And, all he wants to do is touch him!  He came in exasperated on Friday, almost in tears, and he threw his hands in the air saying, "I just want to touch him!"  And, that's where my frustration comes in.  Silly bunny, let the kid touch you...or stop teasing him.  

He always asks me for a few carrots as he leaves the house.  Then he gathers grass and weeds.
He carries a little wooden box with him.  I'm assuming he will throw it on the rabbit as the rabbit gets close?

I apparently got way too close with my camera.  I was told to SHHHHH very adamantly.

See, look how close the bunny was.
He continues to wait for him.  

Some day, Mr. Rabbit, my boy Peter will touch you.

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