Thursday, April 21, 2016

New Life: Our Butterflies

For Easter the boys (and girls!) got the neatest gift: a butterfly garden.  Inside were ten tiny caterpillars, and a note that we could expect at least a 50% survival rate.

Within a matter of days, they looked like this.

I think I was the most amazed by the process.  Every morning, I think I said, "Oh my gosh, look how much they're growing" as the rest of the family rolled their eyes.  Kidding.  I think.

Then, they started for form their cocoons - about ten days in.

And, it was time to move them to the garden...

We got that all set up, and then we waited for them to break out.

In about three days, this happened...

And, the kids were amazed (so was I)!

A few days after all were butterflies, and when it was warm and not windy, it was time to let them go. Sophie was holding them hostage.

It was so fun for the kids to see them fly and even land on their fingers for a bit.

I don't think they were quite ready for them to leave for they asked all morning when they were coming back to their home.  But, once they understood, all was well. 

Seriously, this might have been my favorite kid project yet, and don't be surprised if I get the ladybug kit for the next kid's birthday!

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